Sweet Tea Sandwiches

Heart shaped tea sandwiches in toasted coconut sun butter and apple butter and toasted cinnamon recipes enclosed

When it comes to tea sandwiches the first thing that comes to mind, usually, are savory ones such as chicken salad or light cucumber and watercress. These are staples nowadays but long ago the variety including sweet versions were vast. Here are a few of the sweeter ones inspired by recipes from the 1930's using homemade oatmeal walnut bread.

Toasted Coconut Tea Sandwiches
- Bread with crust removed
- Toasted sweetened flaked coconut
- Orange marmalade

Toast bread lightly and once cooled spread with a generous layer of orange marmalade and another generous layer of flaked coconut. Close and cut into points, hearts or strips.

Sun & Apple Butter Tea Sandwiches
- Bread with crusts removed
- Sun Butter (sunflower butter or peanut butter)
- Apple Butter

Spread sun butter on one side and apple butter on the other. Close the sandwich and cut into halves, pints or strips.

Toasted Cinnamon Tea Sandwiches
- Bread lightly toasted with crusts removed
- White sugar
- Brown sugar
- Powdered cinnamon
- Raisins

While toasted bread is still hot spread on butter and sprinkle with white sugar. Then spread on a generous layer of brown sugar, sprinkle with sugar and raisins. Close the sandwiches and place under a broiler until further toasted and filling has melted into bread. Remove and cut into halves, strips or points and serve while warm.

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